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*Update: Pictures of the sunrise at Callville Bay on Lake Mead:

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Sunrise at Callville Bay, October 2, 2011

Pictures Labor Day 2011 on Lake Mead:

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Photo Album Labor Day 2011

Pictures of Callville Bay August 2011:

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Photo Album of Callville Bay, August 2011

The new launch ramp at Callville Bay will be closing:

The new launch ramp at Callville Bay will be closed starting June 23, 2011 due to the water levels at Lake Mead rising. The main launch ramp will be reopened until further notice.

Pictures of Callville Bay April/May 2011:

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Photo Album of Callville Bay, May 2011

Photo Album of Callville Bay, April 2011

Photo Album of Callville Bay Marina 3, April 17, 2011

Photo Album of Callville Bay Overflow Campground, April 17, 2011

Water at Lake Mead is Rising!

The water level at Lake Mead is slowing going up thanks to a high snow pack in the Rocky Mountains. Over the next few months water will be released from Lake Powell to allow more water to enter Lake Mead. Photo Album of Callville Bay, February 23, 2011

Senior Project on Lake Mead:

I completed my senior project at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the spring of 2010. With no surprise, I did my project on Lake Mead. Check out the following link to download my paper for free. Once you click the link below, click on the “Download” icon on the right hand side.

Lake Mead: Threats and Benefits of the Largest Reservoir in the United States

Seasons at Lake Mead:

The weather at Lake Mead varies drastically depending on the time of year and what season it is. Check our season’s page for a detailed description on what the seasons at Lake Mead have in store. Lake Mead Season’s Page

Driving in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area:

Traffic on the lake is busiest on weekends starting in mid June throughout the summer. Most Lake Mead launch ramps will have a 5-15 minute wait to launch your boat or PWC on weekends during the day. On the Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day holiday weekends; you can expect big crowds and additional delays to launch your vessels. All marinas are now operating on their peak-season schedules, so food/fuel are generally available from 7-6 daily. House boating, recreational boating, PWC’s, and fishing are popular this time of year. Always carry extra water in your boat or motor vehicle due to the very high air temperatures this time of year. When you are driving your motor vehicle around the Lake Mead National Recreation Area use caution since most areas have an enforced posted speed limit of 50 mph or less.

Launch Ramp Courtesy:

Due to low water, each marina has a reduced capacity on the launch ramps. Please exercise courtesy to others when launching at Lake Mead. Please follow these general rules when launching:

  1. Your boat/PWC should be uncovered, tie-down straps removed, and drain plugs installed and ready to go BEFORE YOU GET IN LINE TO LAUNCH.

  2. Once in the water, you should take no longer than a couple of minutes to launch.

  3. When lining up to pick up your boat/PWC, be sure to wait your turn in a single file line. After a long day of boating, everyone is tired, not just you. Cutting or not waiting your turn in line is frowned upon and is not good boating practice.      

  4. When retrieving your boat/PWC, make sure the front of your boat/PWC is secure to the trailer, then completely remove your vessel from the water, and launch ramp area. Do your wipe down, remove drain plugs and attach your tie-down straps on your boat/PWC away from the launch ramp, or in the designated wipe down areas.

  5. Everyone using the launch ramp area thanks you!

Houseboat Rentals on Lake Mead:

If you are looking for information for houseboat rentals on Lake Mead, click on the following links:

Hoover Dam Bridge Bypass:

Work is complete on the Hoover Dam Bridge Bypass project. This new bridge is open to vehicles as of October 19, 2010. The official name is “Mike O'Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge”. For more information click on the link below:

Hoover Dam Bypass Project

Low water levels at Lake Mead:

Because of the severe drought conditions in the Southwestern U.S. during the last decade, Lake Mead is at it's lowest level in over forty years. Boaters should use caution when visiting the lake and watch for objects just below the water line. All marina launch ramps are open for use.

Golf Cart Owners at Lake Mead:

  1. The NPS has mandated the following must be on your golf cart by January 1, 2010:

  2. Headlamps

  3. Tail Lamps, reflectors, stop lamps, and an emblem or placard for slow moving vehicles

  4. A mirror

  5. Brakes

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